David Smith

David Smith is the Business Development Director at Outer Temple Chambers and founder of Legal Harmony.  David has been working in the legal sector since 1986 and in 2000 was appointed Senior Clerk at his then chambers. He has been clerking at the highest level since.

As part of his local choir David was awarded the Junior Provosts, Junior Bishops and Senior Bishops Awards awarded by the Royal School of Church Music.

The thought of combining his passion for choral music and the legal sector, together with an opportunity to raise money and awareness for charities developed following attendance at a solicitor firms’ Christmas party in 2012 whose choir was performing as guests arrived. To his surprise David discovered that several firms had their own choirs and so in August 2013, established Legal Harmony.

Many law firms raise significant sums of money and give up time for charities, which is often overlooked by the public. Events like Legal Harmony hopefully help alter public perception.

Building on the success of Legal Harmony, David and Howard co-founded Fiscal Harmony, holding its first competition in July 2015 at which choirs from the Banking and Finance sector competed and raised money for their nominated charities.