About Us

While Legal Harmony is a competition event, all choirs are winners as all raise money for their own charities. Camaraderie as well as competitiveness takes place with choirs cheering, clapping and sometimes whooping each other along.

In June 2015, the American Bar Association invited David Smith and Howard Charles to form a massed Legal Harmony choir to perform at its Opening Ceremony of its Magna Carta celebrations at Central Hall, an invitation not to be turned down. Speaking to all firms involved in Legal Harmony, the opportunity to be part of a massed choir was met with enthusiasm and encouragement. The excitement surrounding the first outing of a “Legal Harmony Choir” in June and building on the goodwill generated and the ability to raise money for charity, which are two important focuses of Legal Harmony competitions, has led David and Howard to putting on this landmark choral event.

City Music Services is the market leader in facilitating workplace music. We are privileged to be partnering Legal Harmony in producing this landmark choral event - read more.

Legal Harmony, established in August 2013, is a choir competition for choirs in or connected to the legal industry. It is a not-for-profit organisation that, through its competitions, raises funds for and awareness of participating choirs’ nominated charities. Over the past 2 years, over 25 choirs from multinational, national and small firms of solicitors, commercial and criminal chambers have competed, all raising funds for their chosen charities. The Legal Harmony Choir was established to perform at the American Bar Association’s Opening Ceremony as part of the 800th Magna Carta celebrations in June 2015.